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I am a traveller since teenage age, like to explore, find out, research... Get me in a new country/place and I might know it better then the ones who always lived there:) I am a jack of all trades, like to learn, to develop my self - curios of live and all it's good's and bad's. If you look at my CV it is quite colourful, but I liked the jobs at their time and when I work, since a couple of years even more, I see my job as something that helps me to develop new skills and myself. Since quite a time I have the attitude to work my best at a job, as the bible says you work for god not only for mere human beings. By the way I am am free chaotic christian...means I have a quite free relationship with Jesus and try to be a good Christian, but I regular mess up in that until yet. I can just say, I am no better than all the others, who believe in Jesus...And I am at home, where Jesus is at home, might it be Catholic or Protestant. One of my bible favourites is that everything has its time (see whole Ecclesiastes 3) I have friends of different creed, race, opinion - it gives me different views, feedback, understanding...For me to love and to be loved is a decision - and sometimes you have to let go...

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